About The Fabled

The Fabled, also known as <TF> has been together since the dawn of closed beta when we played under the title "Legion of Pain". We pride ourselves on being a mature guild, yet with a sense of humor and we strive to maintain a drama-free environment. While by some measures we are a hard-core raiding guild, we realize that real life is more important than game life and there are priorities outside of Azeroth. We do not have do-or-die attendance mandates or penalties for missing a day, but at the same time we do have a method of rewarding players with high attendance over those with lower attendance. We take your real life seriously, and in exchange we expect you to take our raiding life seriously. The core of The Fabled lies in the friendship and collaboration between its members. Tenacity, Loyalty, Solidarity - these are the three pillars of The Fabled.


Guild Master

Despite being the top rank in the guild, the Guild Master rank specifically holds no greater power than any other Officer. As explained below, Officers and the GM act collectively to decide actions, create and enforce rules and regulations of the guild. Any kick, demotion, or promotion is decided by the GM and the current Officers. Any change in guild policy is decided by the GM and current Officers with feedback and dialogue from the members of the guild.


Goodapollo, Guac, Romulo, Schlecht
Officers are top-ranking guild officials, listed above alphabetically. They have the power to invite new members to the guild and take part in guild administration through /officer chat and the officer forum. Officers moderate guild policies, chat and member forums promoting a fair, friendly and non-argumentative environment at all times. Officers also run the official guild raids, keep track of DKP and make sure the raid is running at a steady pace. Officers can also post news on the main website page as well as alter officer and player notes.


The Raider rank is designated to those members who maintain a 75% or higher attendance record over a moving period of the previous 16 raids. These are generally the primary core of our daily raiding crew, who strive for success, come prepared and are dedicated to conquering an encounter. Raiders have priority over lower ranks for raid invites, as well as no DKP caps when bidding on gear.


Members are generally players from the Raider rank who have let their attendance drop below 75% for whatever reason. Members, and ranks above Member, also have full access to the Raider forums for discussions about raid specific content. Anyone in the rank Member or above has the ability to provide feedback on new applicants, their progress, their places for needed improvement, as well as their vote for if the person should be invited to the Guild. At the Member rank, players are capped at 120 DKP maximum while bidding for items in raids.

Friends & Family (F&F)

The F&F rank is a combination rank. In one part it's former Raiders who have let their attendance drop below 50%. It's also for those players who wish to be a part of The Fabled that are a real life friend or family member of a current guildie, for the purposes of /g chat, questing etc. This is NOT a raiding rank. Though they may list for raids, F&F players are NOT allowed to earn attendance or wait list DKP and are not usually taken to a raid unless there is no one available from the higher ranks. F&F players benefit from a variety of perks - tradeskill items, equipment, and grouping oppurtunities are just a few of the benefits. F&F Members are allowed to apply to become a Raider, but must submit an application through the normal means and be evaluated as an applicant.


Initiates are new members to the guild. After 2-4 weeks, Initiates will be evaluated for the Raider rank, provided they have an attendance level above 75%, prove their skills in raids,have a helpful and friendly disposition, and recieve a positive final vote from other players in the guild. Initiates are capped at a 60 DKP maximum limit while bidding on gear in raids.