Full speed ahead

As we come to the end of yet another fine expansion, after almost a decade of War we are still full speed ahead. Preparing both mentally and our characters for the coming war in the past... future? I don't know, you'll need to ask a combination of Doctor Who, Bill & Ted and Marty McFly to get the results on that one. Nevertheless! We stand strong for whatever comes our way.

<TF>'s site has expanded with many new features for both members as guests. Have a look around and see what's new.

Siege of Orgrimmar cleared!

Send your army straight back into the depths from which it came, steward of Orgrimmar! <TF> has defeated you!

This fight was full of bugs!

Paragons of the Klaxi have been exterminated. Now off to defeat Garrosh!

TF: Thunderforged

After a whopping 22 pulls, Ra-Den has fallen to TF securing US rank 15 for 25man guilds ahead of some notable top competitors as well as yet another Realm First!. Congratulations, everyone! (Disclaimer: Any spaghetti in this post is Rom's fault.)